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RentBoss 3.16 Single User and Client/Server released
1. Wrong early expiration of the trial period was fixed
2. 'Sq. Footage' was renamed to 'Floor space' in the Building Table
RentBoss 3.15 Single User released
1. Income module: Create New Tenant Payments doesn't work - bug fixed
2. Income module: Delete payments button doesn't work  - bug fixed
RentBoss 3.14 Single User and Client/Server released

1. Bi-weekly rent period was added.

2. Reminder Form: 'Expiring Lease Agreements' tab content didn't show properly information - bug fixed. 'Expiring Lease Agreements' Tab was renamed to 'Leases are up within 90 days'.
'Days Left' column was added.
Records are being sorted by the expiration date.

3. Lease agreement module: Records are being sorted by Start Date in reverse chronological order now.

4. Lease agreement module: 'Deposit Payments' Tab was renamed to 'Security Deposits'.

5. Tenant Payment button didn't work in Income module - bug fixed.

RentBoss 3.12 Single User and Client/Server released
1. Bug 'MainDataSet: Field 'OCCUPANTS' not found' in New Lease Agreement fixed.
2. Bug 'Access violation at address 0049A4B8...' in Unit Edit Form fixed.
3. Wrong Tab order in Lease Agreement 'Occupation' Tab fixed.
RentBoss 3.10 Single User released
1. 'Paid amount' calculated field to lease agreement list was added.
2. Lease agreement list now sorted by Start Date.
3. Expense 'Total Amount' and 'Total Paid Amount' were not calculated correctly with different filters - bug fixed.
4. Income module opening speed increased when using big data volume. Balance, Total Charge and Total Paid Amount fields were deleted. Please, use reports instead.
5. Bug 'violation of FOREIGN KEY constraint
6. Bug in 'Failed to Save Stream.' in Lease Agreement module was fixed.
RentBoss 3.6 Single User and Client/Server released
Bug fixed: The background in tables is black where it should be white in Windows XP Silver color scheme.
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